Online Permits

The following tabs contain fillable permit applications. Completed applications may be emailed to or faxed to 319-833-3139.

Please review the insurance requirements below prior to sending in an application.
  1. Moving Permits
  2. Utility Permits
  3. Landowner Permits


All permit holders must meet all Insurance requirements found in the general provisions below:

Your permit request will be reviewed by the County Engineer’s staff. Loads on some routes may require a detailed engineering analysis before a permit is issued. Please allow 48 hours for the completion of your permit. Additional time may be required for more detailed engineering analysis.

Load Restrictions

Many bridges in Black Hawk County have load restrictions. There are also construction projects and detours which will affect the route you may use. Please view the information provided to help you determine a suitable route or call the County Engineer’s Office for assistance at 319-833-3008.

Nothing shall exempt the permit holder from compliance with any load limitations which have been or might be established on any bridge or road that is posted with embargo signs. The permit and any revisions will be void if the actual weights or dimensions exceed what is indicated on the permit or its revisions. 


Use the following links to obtain a fillable permit application:

Permits can be issued only for loads that are a single article that cannot be reasonably broken down to make it legal in size and weight. The permit must be carried in the cab of the vehicle for which it has been issued and be available for inspection.