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1. Bridges ~ How many bridges are in Black Hawk County?
2. Building Permits ~ How do I get a building permit in the County?
3. Ditches ~ Who owns the ditch?
4. Ditches ~ Who maintains the ditches?
5. Ditches ~ Can I burn leaves, branches and garbage in the ditch right of way?
6. Ditches ~ What are agricultural buffer strips?
7. Ditches ~ How can I help to keep the ditches from silting in?
8. Driveway ~ Who pays for the driveway entrance?
9. Driveway ~ What is the policy for widening an existing driveway entrance or installing a new field drive?
10. Driveway Permit ~ How do I obtain a new residential driveway entrance application?
11. Dust Control ~ How do I get dust control for my road?
12. Dust Control ~ Who pays for these applications?
13. Roads Maintenance ~ How often are the shoulders mowed by the County?
14. Road Maintenance ~ Why can't rock be placed on the roadbed first thing in the spring?
15. Roads ~ How many miles of roads and ditches are in Black Hawk County?
16. Septic ~ Septic System and Well Water Questions?
17. Signs ~ Who do I contact for a 911 sign?
18. Snow Removal ~ I live on a private road (or drive). Will the County plow my road?
19. Snow Removal ~ Is it illegal to push snow from yards or driveways leaving snow in the roadway?
20. Snow Removal ~ When are the snowplows out?
21. Snow Removal ~ When will my road be plowed?