Building Maintenance

Black Hawk County Maintenance Superintendent

Under general direction of the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors, the Superintendent of Maintenance oversees the Maintenance Department staff, budget, design, construction, modification and maintenance of County facilities, grounds and acquired properties. Facilities include the:
  • Courthouse
  • Impound buildings
  • Jail/Sheriff’s office
  • Juvenile Court Services
  • Pinecrest
Black Hawk County buildings total combine square footage is approximately 400,000.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Black Hawk County Maintenance Department to maintain an environment within our buildings and grounds that is safe, pleasant, and functional for all employees and the general public by providing professional high quality maintenance services in the most cost effective manner.

Department Objectives

  1. To provide quality structured preventative and responsive maintenance services to ensure safe, effective and well-maintained facilities for employees and the public to operate efficiently and comfortably in carrying out their respective missions.
  2. To provide thorough management of contract services, ensuring a cost-effective solution to Black Hawk County’s facilities needs.
  3. Monitor energy usage throughout County properties with emphases on innovative technology, components and programs designed to reduce costs. Incorporate environmental ("Green") technology into existing and new construction where possible.
  4. Seek to increase collaboration as a leader and as a partner both internally and externally with government entities and private sector.