Dust Control

Processes & Permitting

The following are the processes and procedures for dust suppressant application that the resident, contractor and the County must follow:
  1. The Resident
  2. The Contractor
  3. The County

The Resident Shall

  1. Sign up with an approved contractor before April 10.
  2. Is responsible for all payments to the contractor.
  3. Shall fill potholes that develop with lose rock from the road mixed with a binding agent, such as the dust control product. 
  4. If potholes or other deterioration of the treated area reaches the point of being an immediate hazard to traffic, because the resident has not filled the holes, the County Engineer or Road Superintendent will order the county to blade and repair the treated area without notice or compensation for the resident.  In that case, the county will not wait until October 1 to re-work the roadbed. 
  5. If a chip seal is in good condition, the county will not rework the surface until the resident requests another application of chip seal or the surface becomes too rough.