Uniform Rural Address System (911 Signs)

The Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors at their regular meeting on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 approved Ordinance No. 139 adding Chapter 12.25 Uniform Rural Address Systems to Title 12 of the Black Hawk County Code of Ordinances.

It is imperative that Emergency Personnel can find an address quickly when responding to a 911 call.  It was brought to the attention of the County Engineer that not all residents had markers and many of the markers were worn and hard to see.  

Request a 911 Address Sign
This ordinance mandates the use of a uniform address naming system to promote the health, safety, welfare and convenience of residents throughout Black Hawk County and provides for specific fees and penalties in the development, installation and operation of a county-wide Uniform Rural Address System that fosters the rapid and effective response of law enforcement, fire rescue and emergency medical service personnel in meeting the emergency needs of county residents.

Residents can click Ordinance No. 139 to read it in its entirety.

Examples of Good and Bad Signs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I purchase my own sign? No, all address markers must be purchased by the Black Hawk County Engineer's Department. 
  2. Does everyone need to have their sign replaced?
    If you have a sign that is damaged, not legible or is not reflective then we ask that you request a new sign. 
  3. How much do the signs cost?
    There is a $60 charge to the property owner if the County installs the sign or $25 if you install it on your own sign. All signs are required to be paid in full prior to pickup or installation.
  4. I live on a private drive do I need a sign too?
    Homes located on a private street, road, drive, alley or entrance or that are located in a trailer court will be required to comply with this ordinance.
  5. What are the responsibilities of the property owner?
    The property owner shall ensure that address markers are reflective, free from obstructions and clearly visible from the roadway from both directions. The property owner shall report and missing signs to the County Engineer's Department. 
  6. What do I need to do to get a 911 sign?
    Either fill out the 911 Sign Request Form or call the Engineering Department at 319-833-3008.
  7. Who determines the cost of the signs?
    The Board of Supervisors shall set fees for the address markers and other related costs and they have the ability to revise the fees at any time.